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professional tarot reader.....

over 25 years as a tarot reader(natural gifted psychic

For more info email :

Tel: 0208 889 9271 ( 10am - 5pm)

Mobile: 07983 076 780 (11am - 11pm). Call or text


If u would like to have a tarot reading ,and you have never had a tarot /psychic reading before may be wondering what u need to have ,give etc ....the answer is I need no information from you .if you would like to have a general reading can say !!!!!! Can I have a general readings ....general readings is a reading where I can tell u about your past ,present and future ...and  work ,love,family etc  ...... If you would like a reading about a percific subject eg .health!!!!  You just need to say tell me about (subject) you don't need to tell me about the info ....I will tell u